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Does QuenchSea need a battery?

No, the energy is generated using a sophisticated hand-operated lever and hydraulic system.

How long will the QuenchSea unit last?

The RO membranes will need replacing depending on usage. With good quality seawater and good maintenance the RO membrane will last between 6 to 12 months and produce up to 1,000 litres of fresh water

What are Reverse Osmosis membranes?

Reverse Osmosis, commonly referred to as RO, is a process where water is demineralised under pressure through a semipermeable membrane. The pressure required to desalinate seawater to freshwater is around 60 bar (6,000 kPa). The Quench Sea device replicates this pressure through a unique hydraulic system. During the Reverse osmosis process, the reject brine is ejected from the device via an outflow tube.

How do you maintain the QuenchSea unit?

Reverse Osmosis membranes are very sensitive to the quality of feed seawater. The QuenchSea already has a prefilter system but clear seawater should be used to help prolong the life of the membrane. Rinsing with fresh water after use will help with prolonging the life of the membranes.

Does the QuenchSea have a pre-filtration system?

Yes. QuenchSea has a unique triple pre-filtration system. One is a filter cartridge, the second is an ultrafiltration system.

How many Litres/Gallons can QuenchSea produce?

In ideal conditions, QuenchSea can produce up to 6 litres/1.6 Gallons of freshwater per hour

Can you use QuenchSea for freshwater water filtration?

No. QuenchSea can only be used for seawater

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