Everything you need to know about water filters for your bug out bag | QuenchSea

Everything you need to know about water filters for your bug out bag | QuenchSea

Why do you need a Water Filter for your Bug out Bag?

Water filters in your bug out bag are an essential survival tool. Not only do they give you access to a clean water source wherever you are, they also provide security in survival situations. Without access to a clean water source, or some way of cleaning the seawater water available, humans battle to survive for long.

In fact, the average human body can go only 72 hours without water. It’s a scary realisation. But when you consider that two thirds of the world’s population live in water scarce regions, and that natural disasters often diminish clean water sources, it’s a petrifying realisation.

Fingers crossed you’re never exposed to this kind of high risk survival situation, but if you are, you’ll be glad to reach for a water filter that could save your life.

In this article we’re unpacking everything you need to know before purchasing a water filter for your bug out bag. Take a look...

What is a water filter bug out bag?

Before analysing whether you need a water filter in your bug out bag, you might be wondering “what is a water filter bug out bag?” in the first place.

Well, a bug out bag is a survival bag filled with tools that can be used in an emergency situation. What we refer to as a ‘water filter bug out bag’ is simply a survival kit that features a life saving water filter. 


Bug out bags are used by both military professionals and regular civilians who feel they might be placed in a high risk survival situation. They’re a sensible thing to take with you if you ever have to leave home in an emergency situation, if you’re out of home adventuring, or if you’re expecting a natural disaster to occur.

Many people feel that having a bug out bag is a source of comfort, just in case the unexpected happens. In the event of a natural disaster, human disaster or situation in which they need to flee, they will have the essential survival tools in a bag ready to go.

Why is it called a ‘bug out bag’?

Contrary to what you might initially think, it’s not called a water filter bug out bag because it gets bugs out of your water. Although, water filters like the QuenchSea can do that.

The real reason it’s called a bug out bag is thought to be related to the “bail out bags” carried by the military. These emergency bail out kits are filled with life saving essentials, like a water filter, that can ‘bail’ you out of a bad situation.

The term “bug out” is also often used to refer to someone bugging out from home - i.e. abandoning home due to an emergency situation. Hence, it makes perfect sense that an emergency survival kit would be nicknamed a bug out bag.

Why is a bug out bag water filter so vital?

Having a water filter in your bug out bag is essential. Water is a vital life source and is crucial in any survival situation. Clean water is the first thing that the human body will perish without, so it’s important that any bug out bag contains a water filter solution.


Most water filters will clean freshwater in order to make it drinkable or more palatable. This ensures that no matter where you are, if you have some kind of fresh water supply, you can make it safe to drink. However, modern technology is now allowing us to take that one step further and convert seawater into clean drinking water.

This is a revolutionary step, and one that makes the water filter bug out bag the ultimate survival tool. Read on, to find out about QuenchSea as an innovative solution for desalination with reverse osmosis. 

How to fit a water filter in the ultimate bug out bag 

Water filters are often a lot more lightweight than carrying bottled water which make them ideal for transporting long distances, or to people in emergency situations where it’s not possible to ship large amounts of drinking water. 

Usually, it’s a challenge to fit a water filter in your bug out bag. This is because bug out bags need to fit a lot of survival essentials in them. This is one of the reasons we developed QuenchSea - a portable lightweight desalination device, turning seawater into clean drinking water with manual power.  

Bug out Bag List

  • Food 
  • Shelter - such as a small tent
  • Clothing
  • Lighting - torches etc
  • Flares and fire starters
  • A First Aid Kit
  • Maps
  • Defence tools - such as a survival knife, rope, pepper spray etc.
  • Heating tools

As you can see, fitting all of these items into a bag can be a challenge. That’s where handheld water filters can be the ideal solution. Often smaller and more lightweight, they act as an extension of your bug out bag and can be carried by hand or placed in the bag for convenience. Having a portable water filter in your bug out bag can be a game changer.

Change Seawater To Drinking Water With QuenchSea

Water filters have been done before. But SeaWater filters are revolutionary. 

When in a survival situation, converting seawater to something that’s drinkable is a life saver. That’s where the QuenchSea water filter comes in. Using the latest technology, the QuenchSea water filter can convert seawater into fresh drinking water instantly. 

QuenchSea is an innovative technology that combines a hydraulic system, triple pre-filtration and a small reverse osmosis membrane to desalinate seawater into freshwater using manual human power. This is truly revolutionary and has never been done before.

In ideal conditions, QuenchSea can produce 6 litres of water within one hour. This makes it an incredible tool for those suffering with water scarcity, and the perfect water filter for any bug out bag. 

Are you looking for a water filter for your bug out bag? Look no further than the QuenchSea water filter.


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