Global Impact

This visionary project was only made possible by the most extraordinary individuals, exceptional minds and talents. A team gathered from all corners of the world with diverse backgrounds and experiences, with one mission in mind to make a global impact, to change the status quo, to make a grand pledge to help solve the world’s water crisis.

Our Mission

The beauty of innovation is its ability to change people’s lives for the better. The water crisis is real and we need to remind ourselves of the importance to deploy innovation to help those that need it the most. This has reinforced the mission that we set upon ourselves at the start of this journey, to help solve one of the biggest challenges of our time, access to clean fresh water

Our Team

Lee King


Hannah Forbes

Director of Fundraising

Halk Vasilyan


Laura Dryden

Director of People

Aboozy Ghaly

IT Director

Nathalie Spree

Chief of staff

Maryam Hassani

Chief Innovation Officer

Pranay Addepalli

Mechanical Engineer

Mia Bekric

Head of Sustainability

Darren Arturi

Chief Strategy Officer

Susanna Tshagharyan

Humanitarian Director

Vladislav Ociacia

Chief Design Officer

Adrine Zenian

Head of Digital Marketing

Sohna Ngum

Director of Inclusion & Impact

Mo Helmy

Digital Strategist

Ara Ohanian


Dennis Nwatu

Head of Business Development

Holly Fenton

L&D Director

Donald Naylor

Chief Technical Engineer

Vic Quiambao

DevOps Engineer

Sahar Sobhani

Creative Director

Deji Kolawole

Head Environmental Engineer

Sachin Chauhan

Innovation Strategist

Ercument Alyanak

Head Engineer

Pattyl Vartanian

Head of Social Media

David de Meij

Head of Data Science & AI

Mircea Calarasu

Project Engineer

Artsakh Koshgerian

Director of Art

Mehdy Nadafi

Head Motion Graphics

Humanitarian Partners


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