326 Million Trillion Gallons And Not 1 Drop To Drink?

326 Million Trillion Gallons And Not 1 Drop To Drink?

The world’s oceans cover over 70% of the planet. That’s 1.37 billion km³ of seawater. A staggering 96.5% of all water on earth is seawater not freshwater.

Meanwhile you only need 2-3 litres per day of freshwater to survive. 

The problem? 

On average, every single litre of seawater contains 35 grams of salt. 

That’s 8 teaspoons per litre. Or 24 teaspoons of salt per day if you were to drink 3 litres of seawater. 

This is why seawater is literally impossible for a human to drink in large quantities. 

Even if you could drink seawater? It will kill you. Seawater has approximately four times the salinity of your blood.

So there are 326 million trillion gallons of seawater on earth, yet not one drop to drink. This is why you need a desalinator.

In ideal conditions, QuenchSea gives you 3 litres of clean lifesaving freshwater with 30 minutes of use. 

Conditions are against you? 

Even with turbid, hazy seawater, you can still make 2 litres of freshwater with Quenchsea with only 30 minutes of use.

With QuenchSea in your supplies, you can desalinate your daily survival needs of 3 litres of water in well under one hour.  

QuenchSea creates freshwater right away, as soon as you start using the device. You aren’t limited by battery power, gasoline or solar availability. So long as you can use the pump, seawater can be turned into freshwater.

So QuenchSea allows you to divide up the pumping time into smaller or larger increments however you wish, say at cooler morning and evening times of the day.

There is no other easily portable device in the world (that we know of) that can turn seawater into freshwater at anything close to the price-point of QuenchSea. 

Alternative hand-powered desalinators are literally over 10x as costly as QuenchSea to purchase. This is what makes QuenchSea a genuinely breakthrough product. It is a one of a kind device.

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