How a QuenchSea Can Save You $1,000s

How a QuenchSea Can Save You $1,000s

Ever heard of a marine watermaker?

Unless you’re into sailing, probably not. Here’s what Wikipedia says about watermakers:

‘A watermaker is a device used to obtain potable water by reverse osmosis of seawater. In boating and yachting circles, desalinators are often referred to as "watermakers". The devices can be expensive to acquire and maintain, but are quite valuable because they reduce the need for large water tanks for a long passage.’ [1]

So just how costly is a watermaker? A basic hand-powered desalinator retails at between $1,000-$2,000.

That’s a lot of money.

Spending upwards of $1,000 on an emergency water filter system probably makes sense if you’re a professional sailor or outfitting your yacht. 

You don’t want to run out of drinking water on your boat in an emergency situation in the middle of the ocean.

But for everyone else, spending over $1,000 is too much to pay for an emergency device. Particularly one you hope to never have to use.

Until today, these costly emergency marine watermakers, designed for the professional sailor, were the only option for reliably filtering seawater into drinking water.

So most everyday people interested in personal preparedness lacked any way to safely and quickly turn seawater into safe, drinkable freshwater.

QuenchSea changes all this.


By combining advanced reverse osmosis technology into a small and portable form factor, with a unique hand-powered pump,  QuenchSea is able to generate the pressure needed to filter the salt out of seawater using manual power only, at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

With a QuenchSea in your disaster response kit, you can give yourself the ability to filter 1,000 litres of seawater in an emergency with only a small and portable device the size of a household iron. All without breaking the bank.

QuenchSea is available to you today for 10x less than the old alternatives. 

Click here to find out more about this 100% off grid and totally portable way to transform seawater into drinking water. 


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